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Storytellers Initiative

SeriesFest is thrilled to partner once again with Elysium Bandini Studios to discover creative, fresh writers as part of our Storytellers Initiative. What excites us most for Season 5 is the opportunity to explore short form series with a strong point of view and bold characters. In order to qualify, interested writers are encouraged to submit pilot scripts with episodes running less than 15 minutes (minimum 15 - maximum 20 pages) and a series bible.

We are accepting submissions through Withoutabox and Coverfly.

Key Dates and Fees

  Early Bird
Nov 27, 2018
Jan 15, 2019
Feb 04, 2019
Feb 14, 2019
Fee $45 $50 $65 $70
WAB $40 $45 $60 $65
Student $35 $40 $40 $45
Fees are paid through the submission process.

Entry Materials

Workshop in Los Angeles

If selected, winners will be required to participate in a two-day workshop in Los Angeles, California on April 24-25, 2019. Please confirm you will be available these days prior to entering. 

Pilot Script

The scripts entered into this competition must be short form pilot episodes not exceeding 15 minutes. If the pilot episode is under 15-18 pages, writers must submit subsequent episodes to reach a total minimum of 15 pages.

Entry Fee

See fee schedule above for details.

Series Bible

3-15 pages - including Logline, Pilot Summary, Character Breakdown, and at least six future episode synopsis. 

Character Descriptions

Entries must include Series regular and recurring character descriptions (not to exceed 2 pages) emailed to Submissions@seriesfest.com with the project title and tracking number in the email subject line.

Please Note:

Series Bible and Pilot Script should be submitted as one document with the Series Bible first, followed by the Script.

Please note, entry materials will not be returned. Enter Your Submission

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Season 4 Winners  
Storytellers Initiative



Storytellers Initiative Winner: Paige VanTassell